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In the 1500’s an englishman named William Tyndale was talking with a friend about the need for everyone to be able to know God on their own. At that time it was illegal to own a copy of the Bible in the English language.  Bibles were only allowed in Latin to make sure only the highly educated could read the Bible. Tyndale’s friend wasn’t sure ordinary folks needed to know the Scriptures. He thought it might be good enough for the Pope to know the Bible in Latin and then tell all the English speakers what it says. 

To this Tyndale replied, “I defy the Pope and all his laws, if God spare my life, I will make a boy that driveth the plough know more of the Scripture than thou dost.” 

On September 6th, 1536 Wiliam Tyndale was killed and then burned at the stake for his passion to see every person, even a plough boy, have access to all of God’s truth. 

Plough Boy Resources, Inc. exists to carry on the heart of Tyndale’s prophetic idea. All people, even farm boys, should have as much access to the depths of our God as any well-educated, well-financed and well-connected intellectual.

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